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Rushcard by Bankcorp bank
  • prepaid card - no APR
  • no
  • $1.95-%7.95/mo
RushCard is a prepaid Visa card issued by Bancorp bank. As a prepaid card, it is designed to serve people with no credit or with damaged credit score. The approval process is very simple - only ID verification is required, no credit checks or credit bureau inquiries. The card has two plans - one is monthly unlimited plan - you pay $5.95 ($7.95 if you enroll in Direct Deposit program) and can use a card with no limitations. Another option is a plan with a $1 payment for every transaction (that is capped by $10 total per month) and $1.95 so called maintenance fee if you do not use a card. Overall, this card is not the best option - it is possible to find a prepaid card with no monthly fee.

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